Saturday, January 18, 2014


Friday, October 25, 2013

Havnt updated in a while because loads of things have changed.

I hope to have some new stuff to show soon, and the game should look very different.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tweaks and little graphical things

This week I've been creating some little graphical things for the game, as well as experimenting with the UI a bit.

In this screenshot: New particle for "Sprinting", Thorns Aura graphic, test UI "orb" for a WIP special subsystem.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Core gameplay change: Chance to hit.

I took a break from MechLore for a few days and decided to re-play one of my old favorite games. It happened to have "to hit" as a very core mechanic of the game, and it got me thinking about how hit chance can effect gameplay, both by adding depth as well as sometimes providing frustration or challenge when you fail to hit over and over again.

Originally I decided to not include hit chance in the game. When a player swings his weapon at an enemy, there is no calculation done to see if he will hit. He always hits. With the exception of special abilities like dodge, evade, block, etc.  This made things simpler to design and manage.  Good for a small game, but less ideal the larger and more complex and deep a game becomes.

Pros of a to-hit system:
Itemization - It is now possible to increase the power level of certain items at the cost of accuracy, while also allowing the player to specialize in accuracy to accommodate for his miss chance. This adds a layer of depth.  An example would be the "Deathblow" materia from final fantasy 7. It grants you 100% chance to critical strike, but has a very large miss chance. This means that missing with this ability sucks, but hitting with it feels very strong. Additionally there are situations where items with very high accuracy create very cool and interesting "character paths". Specifically items like Long Barrel R on vincent, or Tifas God Hand glove, which have a special ability where they never miss (255% accuracy). I find niche builds like this very interesting and a very attractive aspect to have in games.

Skills - It is now possible to differentiate many skills from each other based on accuracy. Again this provides a large amount of variety in terms of paths the player can take.

Cons of a to-hit system:
Frustration - Missing doesnt feel very good when it happens a lot.
Balance - Being able to evade extremely powerful attacks very often has potential gamebreaking balance issues.
Complexity - More complicated than a non-tohit system.

Overall, I think the depth and variety gained from having a "hit chance system" outweighs the downsides by a very large margin, especially as MechLore becomes more and more complex and deep.

The final system for MechLore in its current state is a "watered down" to hit system. Enemies always hit unless you have evade or block, but the player has a chance to hit based on his current weapon. Generally speaking this % is fairly static throughout the game, with the exception of a few skills and items with unique traits.

This opens up a lot of room to play around with skill and item variety, without forcing the player to constantly be worrying about their chance to hit. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Work Work

Creating some more icons for newly created skills.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shared Stash: Coming soon.... Probably. Maybe.

Right now Im working on making a global stash accessible by all characters. Its a bit of a mind teaser since the original system, created 3+ years ago, wasnt designed that way.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Work continues - - - Not much to report

This week i've pretty much just pushed content, tweaked a lot of skills and other miscelanous things.

Heres a picture of an updated robot-skeleton